Wild Carpathia Adventure

    aims to contribute actively to the development of communities in the Carpathian Mountains by:

    Promotion of the natural and traditional values

    through the ecotouristic products and services and maintaining those values

    Start promoting and strengthening of private initiatives

    of development of local ecotouristic activities as a tool in community development;

    Application of environmental policies

    in the field of biodiversity conservation within Natura 2000 sites and orher protected areas overlapped our area of interest.


    “Three communities, two Natura 2000 sites, an NGO – Development and conservation Together!”

    Development and conservation Together!"
    Give Biodiversity a Chance!
    Together for protected areas and sustainable development

    The team

    We have a dynamic team made up of tourist guides and scientific advisors. Here are some of the team members.

    Tourist attractions

    Nature Reserves, waterfalls, churches, hermitage sites are some of the attractions that you can visit in this area.

    Lepsa Monastery
    Old monastery Soveja ensemble
    Black Lake Nature Reserve
    Waterfall Nature Reserve Putnei