Hanul Lepsa

Located near the lake from Gresu on DN2D Focsani -Tg Székely , Hanu Lepsa accommodation has a capacity of between 17 -25 and 10 parking spaces .

Hanu Lepsa Guesthouse is one of the most sought after accommodations in Lepsa , Vrancea, an ideal location for those wishing to visit the tourist area of Moldova.

Condiții cazare

The unit is rated at two stars and has 18 beds in 6 rooms .

Alte facilitați

Hanu Lepsa Guesthouse welcomes its guests welcome and pamper them with facilities such as: ATV , bar , kitchen , fridge, grill, wireless internet , cable internet , playground for children, parking , restaurant and more.

More information is available on its Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/hanulepsa