Muntele Goru

Mountain Nature Reserve Goru

Nature Reserve mixed type Goru is located in the Peak Goru, occupying the western slope of the mountain, respectively Rose Creek catchment, stream and brook Afinişu crank. It occupies much of the boreal forest floor and sub-alpine almost entirely of Mount Goru (1785 m.) Is the core protected juniper trees and many species of fauna or flora endemic or rare. Plant associations dominated by juniper (Juniperus Communi) and mountain pine (Pinus mugo) attests location in alpine. Along the main ridge, on both sides, is installed only juniper trees in Vrancea Mountains, located in the easternmost state in the country, between 1750 – 1785 m.

Above the upper limit of molidişului until juniper trees on large surfaces are juniper associations with blueberry and cranberry, black grass, Festuca, Nardus and Empetrum hremaphroditum and lichens fruticuloşi – Cetraria islandica and Cladonia rangiferina. In the literature are described, 27 associations – which demonstrate that, despite the relatively small number of species, stationary conditions, however harsh, has however a huge variety which gives a special scientific importance of this protected area, located the highest elevation in Vrancea Mountains.