Rapa rosie

Nature Reserve Rapa Rosie

Type geomorphological nature reserve is located on the right side of Putnei sector downstream of the confluence with the right bank of the creek Coza Putna River downstream of the bridge linking the villages of Tulnici Coza. Relief is shown by the slopes of the terrace abrubte to 6th Putnei weak cohesive deposits formed with a level difference relative to 100-110 m from the riverbed, highly fragmented hidroerozionale processes that led to land degradation and modeling it as basins, canyons, towers, funnels and potholes sufozionale which gives the landscape a pseudo look spectacular in terms of landscape.

Located on a salt breccia horizon, characterized by a weak cohesion and low resistance to external model agencies, protected area houses microform ephemeral type ogaşelor, microcanioanelor, towers, funnels and potholes sufozionale, giving spectacular landscape character of pseudo.