Stramtura Coza

Nature Reserve Stramtura Coza

Nature Reserve is Stramtura Coza geomorphologic and landscape type . The reserve is located on the interfluve sector Coza -Dalhaţaş valleys including the above mentioned sectors upstream and downstream of the confluence. The geological structure of complex faulting and erosion of surface layers reveal different colors litilogice succession of great landscape beauty . The landscape is deeply sculpted by creeks Coza , Dalhaţaş and Hornbeam, whose sides form steep slopes, difficult access: landscape is dominated north of Hornbeam Hill ( 892 m) and south of staves Hill ( 812 m), minimum altitude – 550 m ( at the mouth of the creek Dalhaţaş the creek Coza ) . The small plateau on the right side of ” Stramturii ” is recognized as a bridge terrace deposits rolled material (sand, pietrş , cobble ) .