Cascada Putnei

Waterfall Nature Reserve Putnei

Putna Waterfall is a composite protected area, which includes the Putna River traverses the various geological structures and intense tectonizate from mountain ridge limit. On leaving the mountain area, Putna River crossing different structural facies (sandstones of Kliwa compact formations hardness or less), the sector has carved a gorge, a waterfall that left her in a bed from tectonic movements Current characterized by a succession of steps and marmite which takes place on 76 meters long and a difference of 14 meters.

In the cascade occurred intense tectonic processes of which the most recent earthquake in 1802 was probably the result of which is likely to be the river changed course on an area of ​​approx. 350 m downstream of the current cascade downstream Watching bed Putnei viaduct is found directly transversal character, marked by a succession of breaks of slope in steps becoming more pronounced, however, as the “jumper”. After breaking the greatest slope (waterfall itself), is a narrow trough approx. Marmite 11.5 m with small lateral erosion, which there open a long basal Marmite approx. 200 m wide and 35-45 m which remained separate interfluve current course through walls which manifests many microfalieri anticline flank representing the old waterfall, which together with the current and forms a complex cascade Dog uniquely Romania.