Butterflies, birds and flowers

  • Rare birds from Europe
  • You have access to protected areas with local experts
  • Rare butterflies in Europe
  • Rare flowers in Europe

Romania is recognized throughout Europe for its natural riches, it is also one of Europe’s top destinations for birdwatching, but this beautiful country located on the edge of the continent, it is not known for its wild treasures, such as butterflies. Because there are still many areas where agriculture is traditionally like a hundred years ago, using environmentally friendly techniques and wildlife, butterflies thrive in this region. Vivid colored butterflies flying from flower to flower, are still a common presence on mountain pastures, meadows and forest steppe grasslands of Romania.

At least 200 species of butterflies have been identified in Romania.

For those interested in butterflies, we organize trips with specialized guides that will adapt according to your needs.

The main attractions

Day 1 Lepsa - Tisita Gorges

Cheile-TisițeiWe start the tour in Lepşa tourist village, Vrancea County. Early in the morning you will be greeted by a local guide at the guesthouse where you are staying, which will accompany you throughout the trip and provide transport to the start of Tisita Valley, starting point of the adventure of the day.

The day will be spent in the protected area Tisita Gorges, nationally recognized for the natural wealth of species of butterflies, flowers and birds.

From May to September we can admire different species of butterflies that will fly playfully around you, such as: Nymphalis antiopa antiopa, Vanessa atalanta, Maculinea arion, Callimorpha dominula, Pericallia matronula, Lycaena dispar, Papilio machaon si lista poate continua. Printre florile pe care le puteți admira in aceasta excursie, se inumara: Crocus heuffelianus, Cypripedium calceolus, Angelica palustris, Leontopodium alpinum, Inula helenium, Campanula serrata and many other species of plants, mosses, lichens and trees.

Papilio machaon

Among the trees, here is one of the few places in Europe where you can admire, in the nature, the poisonous tree: Yew (Taxus baccata).

Bird species that we could hear and see on this trip will be: Picus canus, Dryocopus martius, Picoides tridactylus, Sylvia nisoria, Ficedula parva, Cinculus cinculus, Strix uralensis, Falco peregrinus, Aquila pomarina, Pernis apivorus and many other bird species.

Strix uralensis

An healthy picnic will be eaten traditional in nature, right in the heart of this protected natural area, picnic that will be carefully prepared since morning.

In addition to these natural attractions that this trip has in the sight, you can enjoy great landscape, a wonderful relief and a tumultuous history of these impressive gorges, stories that we will reveal during this trip.

Additional Information

What\'s Included?

Everything is included in this tour. All meals and drinks, accommodation, local guide, airport transfer, local transport, sightseeing fees.


  • Included equipment

Available to you will be made all the necessary equipment for this tour: binoculars, compass, map, camping equipment, sleeping bag, hammock, and more. You will also receive small field guides, a representative list of wildlife in the area and a DVD with an image gallery and documentation in this area. You will also have access during your stay to our travel agency library you will find many books that will interest you and will answer your questions.

  • Personal equipment

We recommend that you bring your own binoculars. The clothing must be warm, including long pants, fleeces, thermal underwear and socks, scarves, wool hats, gloves and impermeable clothing. Although the weather is particularly chilly, the sun may shine strong, so we recommend you bring sunglasses and cream with high UV protection factor. Obviously, a pair of comfortable and waterproof boots are a must. Do not forget any other items of a personal nature, such as medicines. Do not forget to bring many memory cards for your camera.

Additional Costs

Almost everything is included in this tour. The only things not included are international flights, travel insurance (please contact us for more information that is required to achieve the insurance policy), any food bought outside the three main meals, drinks outside of anything offered at meals and bottled water provided throughout the day and any items of a personal nature such as souvenirs.

Visa and Health

If you are a citizen of one of the EU countries you do not need a visa to enter Romania. The citizens of other members states, other than those of the European Union we kindly ask to contact the embassy to find out if there are visa restrictions.

There are no health restrictions or recommendations to visit Romania, but please consult your local doctor for more information.

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