Our camps were born from the desire to create a valuable experience, going back to nature, explore the power of PLAY, elements that can build our own development and our children’s development. There are so many unknown about the future that we want to address:  How we can keep up pace with the technology,  How we can take a meaningful break and especially  How we can support the children to build 21st -century skills.  Mission statement: Our world needs to be explored like never before. We take care to sustain children to innovate, to play, to create solutions step by step, to explore their own world enthusiastically. We are committed to bringing families and children together to reconnect with nature, art, science in our thematic camps. Our children’s vision of today is their reality of tomorrow.
 Markets and services: Our services are designed for children between 6-17 year old and their entire families. We welcome the entire family to reveal their full potential or to reconnect to them. Services provided: thematic camps mixing art, STEM, wildlife, innovation) for children and family, retreats, family, nature experiences, weekend escapes, travel seminars. We celebrate innovation so all our services are tailor made to fit from the small one to the big you.
 Resources: Our team is diverse and we cover a wide segments of skills. The team that will accompany you, are certified and they have professional experience of more than 10 years in biology, geography, geology, pedagogy. They have pedagogic skills and can explain, through play, the science to children. They are passionate and interested in nature, tradition, science, culture and travel. Staff speak fluent at least two foreign languages. Also we collaborate with a psychologist with expertise in children development, nutritionist, yoga teachers and sport coaches.